Amsterdam based artist Amie Dicke has previously worked in the historic context of Castrum Peregrini. In her broadly and enthusiastically reviewed work Claustrophobic, she made a ‘death mask’ of an interior, which in the end revealed the aura of an empty apartment.  Her new work will continue her quest for hidden layers of history. Here is a littel preview from her research at the original war-time hiding floor. Expect some exciting work to come up in the next month and join us in our dialogue on heritage and contemporary artwork.

The work Au/Ra is the second part of a Trypitich that will be finished by the summer. It is also part of the project Mapping Future Heritage.


While seeing Amie work with gold and books we had to think of a poem of Stefan George:

Alles habend alles wissend seufzen sie:
> Karges leben! drang und hunger überall!
Fülle fehlt!<
Speicher weiss ich über jedem haus
Voll von korn das fliegt und neu sich häuft –
Keiner nimmt . .
Keller unter jedem hof wo siegt
Und im sand verströmt der edelwein –
Keiner trinkt . .
Tonnen puren golds vertreut im staub:
Volk in lumpen streift es mit dem saum –
Keiner sieht.