Stick to your knitting

Date: 05/11/2020

Time: 19.30

Location: Online event

A round-table conversation on leadership, gender and misplaced metaphor

With Katherine Watson, Carla Delfos and Jan-Jaap Knol.

The consideration of ‘shame’ in relation to both masculinity and femininity is charged within the current discussion around ‘toxic masculinity’, the abuse of power and sexuality. Power imbalances  can be redressed through a better understanding of the relationship between  pride and shame – and the need to embrace both in order to  discuss  ‘human’ leadership, which is not coloured by gender stereotypes and where power and gender enter into a dynamic relationship. Katherine Watson, Cultural Leader in Residence at the University of Groningen, offers us a reflection on leadership, metaphor and gender which is available online here. During an online panel discussion with Carla Delfos, Chair of ArtFutures Foundation and Jan-Jaap Knol, Director of the Boekman Stichting, Katherine will discuss her text in the context of the exhibition SHAME! and  the works by Ina van Zeyl (portraits of Barak Obama and Angela Merkel), Hans Hovy (fluidity in sculpture) and Natasja Kensmil (Boutersen in Drag). Lars Ebert, H401, will moderate the conversation.

Please find here a reflection by Katherine Watson that has inspired this programme: Stick to your Knitting

I.s.m. Art Futures Foundation