Meet 18M8L – 18 Months 8 Locations

Date: 10/05/2022

Time: 16.00 - 18.00

Location: Herengracht 401

H401 is the Dutch partner of 18M8L

18M8L aims to integrate the physical and virtual dimensions: next to the on-life visits, various online appointments will take place as moments of sharing, becoming an opportunity for the exchange of knowledges and practices. The digital worktables and workshops will promote an international dialogue, facilitate new encounters, share and spread the information and materials collected during the visits.18M8L aims to experiment new collaborative possibilities that could allow to exist within a rapidly changing world scenario, to activate exchange and shared practices, to rethink how to work within our sector, to approach production and distribution by involving the dance system in a transverse motion (between performers, choreographers, dancers, producers and promoters), designing newer, more inclusive and sustainable models, to preserve the spaces dedicated to artistic research and experimental practices in order to establish deeper relationships between places and local communities. Every action of the project will be narrated by a storytelling made of a collage of pictures, texts, audios and other media.

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On 10 May, 16 hrs, colleagues from Italy represented in 18M8L will present their work and discuss it with interested peers from Amsterdam. If you wish to participate please register at


8M8L – 18 Months 8 Locations is supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture