EU Project Contested Desires: Constructive Dialogues

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H401 is delighted to announce its latest project cooperation “Contested Desires: Constructive Dialogues – Creative space for democratic conversations about the heritage of colonialism” (CDCD).

Led by our partner ECCOM, this EU-Funded project aims to discuss the problematic legacy of European colonisation found in museum collections and heritage sites. Via artistic research and action, Contested Desires strives to increase the access, participation and representation of diverse audiences to the conversation on the former European Empires.

CDCD will not shy away from difficult conversations, on the contrary it will use a bottom-up and collaborative, as well as artisitc, approach to address the complexities of heritage and its meaning for different audiences.

To realise this, heritage institutions and museums will work in tandem with arts organisations, communities and other partners to investigate the type of stories that are transmitted, the role of contemporary art in storytelling and where one can find good practices.

Together with Creative Court, H401 will host joint residencies and exhibitions with selected artists.

Our consortium incldues ECCOM (IT), Museo Egizio (IT), Ministero della CulturaMuseo delle Civiltà (IT), D6:EU (CY), Xarkis (CY), Interarts Foundation (ES), BJCEM – Association Internationale pour la Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs d’Europe et de la Méditerra (BE), Pro Progressione (HU), University of Lisbon (PT), Notre Culture D’Abord (TN), Associacio Promotora Centre de Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison (ES),  Cyprus University of Technology (CY), D6: Culture in Transit (UK), Organization for the European Capital of Culture – Larnaka 2030 (CY).

CDCD builds on the existing project Contested Desires (January 2020-September 2021) which entailed a transnational capacity-building programme for artists and producers working with communities and heritage spaces.