EAP intensive Course Bucharest

Start date: 11/05/2018

End date: 25/05/2018

Location: University of Art and Design Bucharest

Intellectual Playground | Memory Machine


The EAP course Bucharest May 2018 will be centred around heritage, urban spaces and participation. The main activities will take place in the National University of Arts Bucharest and in ARCUB – The Centre for Culture of the Bucharest Town Hall- it is in the historical centre of Bucharest. Through a series of site visits and cognitive reflections, the course will address topics revolving around heritage, participation and the construction of identity. By the reactivation of what seemed sacred and distant, the world seems to be rediscovered and the common space regenerated.

Sociologists, architects, artists, art historians and political activists will be invited to present their point of view on participatory practices in the arts as living instruments of socio-cultural regeneration. Heritage belongs to the present and by activating it, the institutional walls can be taken down, and the spectator or citizen is able to appropriate, manipulate and transform it. This course looks into the democratization of heritage, bringing with it a reconceptualization of conservation and its uses. It is necessary to include the individuals in the discussion of the objects and practices that construct and maintain their own identities.


Living As Form EAP conference, Amsterdam 26-27 October 2017, photos by Maarten Nauw