European Cultural Citizenship

The VENICE MANIFESTO for European Cultural Citizenship was announced during the EUROPEAN HERITAGE SUMMIT 2023 in VENICE. Still open to external feedback. Please send any suggestions to Ted Oakes, Policy Coordinator, by Friday 6 October]

From the Manifesto:

[…] Referring to Europe’s uniqueness does not mean that Europe is an island, entangled in its borders: its achievements have repeatedly included a spirit of openness and solidarity, which have contributed to its attractiveness for generations of people coming from across the world. This dimension must be remembered at this particular moment in time, when Europe and its increasingly pluralistic society is facing a long series of crises: environmental, political and social; all of which underline the necessity to unite these diverse generations of people together, through education, culture and heritage. Further to this, Europe must leverage its culture and heritage to build partnerships with other countries and continents across the globe. The authors and signatories of this Manifesto wish to emphasise that in calling for a European Cultural Citizenship, this does not replace the national, regional or local expressions of our identities. Rather, it reinforces them by recognising and embracing a European dimension to which they are complementary, evidencing firmly and clearly the multi-layered identities that all citizens in Europe enjoy. […]

Read the full text of the Venice Manifesto 2023 here: The Venice Manifesto: “For a European Cultural Citizenship” – Europa Nostra.

Secretary-general Europa Nostra Sneška Quaedvlieg-Mihailović on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Europa Nostra at The Human Safety Net in Venice stressing the invaluable role of Culture and Cultural Heritage, both tangible and intangible, for the future of our continent.