Gouden Lucifer Ceremony 2021 / 2022

Stichting H401 had the honour to receive the Gouden Lucifer (Golden Match) on the occasion of the Feest der Onafhankelijken at H401 on September 5th 2021.  An initiative organised by the artists: Merapi Obermayer, Bülent Evren and Henk Wijnen. This yearly event brings together a rare collection of independent thinkers of artists, writes, scholars, enthusiasts, and laymen from Amsterdam and far beyond. They come together to celebrate food & drinks & food for thought. Performances, speeches and/or happenings take place. During a year, H401 was the holder of this so called non-award. This little gem in all its simplicity of appearance, at the same time represents all the complexity of society we live in today.   

On October 16th 2022 at Tettero, the award has been passed on to: Jacqueline Lamme and Roland Berning. They will be guarding ‘independent thinking’ for a year. Congratulations, and may the force be with them.

H401 receiving the Gouden Lucifer in 2021
Gouden Lucifer Ceremony 2022