Artist in Residence

Ronit Porat

Summer 2014 Ronit Porat was Artist in Residence at Castrum Peregrini. After a first visit to the house and especially the hiding place in spring 2104 she now (August/September 2014) researches the space as a detective in a crime scene combining her own strongly biographical visual repertoire with the found footage and her research of the stories and witnesses of Castrum Peregrini’s  clandestine community.

The outcome of her research and her residency will result in a work shown during the group exhibition In Search of Lost Time that will open on 19 September.

Please find more about the artist here:




The photographs are stills from film material by Janina Pigaht who works on a documentary on Castrum Peregrini. Camera: Ernst Herstel.

























The residency of Ronit Porat has been made possible through the financial support of the Embassy of Israel and Kunst en Israel

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