Best of Graduates 2012

Gerrit Rietveld Academie


[S]ELECTED reviewed in MetropolisM

During September and October 2012 best of graduates artists Lukas Hoffmann (vav), Sara Glahn (photography), Laura Pappa (graphic design) (w), Anna Navndrup (architectural design) (w), Marieke Berghuis (images and language), Elisabeth Leerssen (txt, textile), Christopher Holloran (vav), Jacob Gallant Raeder (ceramics) (w) and Leanie van der Vyver (design lab) (w) were on show in [S]ELECTED.

Opening by Ben Zegers and Lars Ebert – Thursday September 20th

Salon I: The Myth of Talent – Thursday October 4th

– moderation by Fons Hof with a.o. Xander Karskens and Monica Kackovic

Salon II: Changing Context & Repetition – Thursday October 25th

– moderation by Laurie Cluitmans and Arnisa Zeqo with a.o.  Marieke Berghuis, Laura Pappa, Christopher Holloran and Elisabeth Leerssen

MuseumNacht: Art in Hiding, Art in Crisis – Saturday 3rd November

Conversational Piece by Lukas Hoffmann and Balthazar Berling