Vernissage: Some Things Hidden

Date: 18/11/2017

Time: 18.00-20.00

Memory Machine

Participating artists: Alexis Blake, Sara Blokland, Zhana Ivanova, Charlott Markus, Shana Moulton, Femmy Otten, Marijn Ottenhof.

Some Things Hidden is an exhibition and performance programme revolving around the idea of ‘hiding’, both physically and mentally. It is both about hiding in times of war and crisis, as well as about the (in)ability to hide things for others and yourself. Starting point is a personal story of artist-curator Charlott Markus about her great aunt, a tiny Jewish woman who hid in the open, completely visible in WWII’s Berlin, and about her grandfather, who concealed his true emotions behind a male facade of success. The exhibition explores how (female) artists experience, interpret and visualize this theme today. The exhibition in Castrum Peregrini is leading up to an exhibition in Framer Framed in January 2018.

During Amsterdam Art Weekend, we present a preview programme of open rehearsals, performances and talks with the participating artists and curators. Some Things Hidden is curated by Charlott Markus and Nina Folkersma.